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UV business solutions

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Are you a company that wishes to enter or expand within the UV market space?

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Want to grow your existing UV business?

Do you want to improve or expand your current UV treatment product line?

From entry level to cutting edge solutions, we can assist with both the technical and business aspects of UV treatment.

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Entering the UV market for the first time?

  • – Define goals
  • – Assess capabilities
  • – Develop plan
  • – Execute plan
  • – Follow up
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The UV business

The business of UV treatment is just as unique as the technology.

Product management, sales team training, market analysis, and competitor analysis are just a few of the areas we can help you with.

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Intellectual property management

Do you have a concept you wish to further develop and patent?

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UV technology analysis

Ever wonder about what UV related technolgies or products are out there and how they compare to yours?

Are you interested in an unbiased, private and secure 3rd party assessment of your product for your chosen applications? Looking for feedback on where you could improve your UV product and business?

Need help testing and evaluating existing UV equipment?

We can help

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We love solving difficult problems!

Whether is it solving reliability issues with your current UV designs, reducing costs, finding a new way to treat a fluid or surface with UV, or making your UV product portfolio manageable and profitable, we can help.

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We can educate

From basic ‘UV 101’ training to advanced processes and technologies, we can tailor our training to your needs.

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At 2 Dogs Technologies we can provide a varied array of services that are based on the solution you require:

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We are not just UV!

We know more than just UV treatment. Do you have a fluid, air, or surface treatment product or application you need assistance with? Give us a call and let us know what your concern is.

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