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Getting your company on the UV path…

Here is how we can define your path forward - it is much more than just developing products

Define Goals (Flag Icon)

Define your Business Goals

  • a. Market segment(s)
  • b. Application(s)
  • c. Market size or opportunity size and projected sales targets
  • d. Access to market (sales channels)
  • e. UV technology requirements
  • f. Market burden; what can this market support with regards to product and solution cost
  • g. Market Locations
  • h. Time to Market
  • i. Future Growth Considerations
Define Goals (Flag Icon)

Assess your current internal capabilities with regard to UV system design, development and product management and determine where you wish to go

  • a. Do you wish to build your current team to be self-sustaining with regard to UV system design?
  • i. Do your internal capabilities need to be grown in order to support UV product lines?
  • b. Do you wish to only sell and service a UV product design owned by you but designed and developed by 2 Dogs Technologies?
Define Goals (Flag Icon)

Develop a plan

For the Product:

  • a. Define the initial product offering
  • b. Define a product conceptualization, design, build, test and release for production plan
  • c. Define a quality assurance, quality control and manufacturing strategy
  • d. Define a service and support strategy

For the Business:

  • e. Define required resources and processes at your company that are required to support a UV product line
  • f. Define the product management, sales and marketing strategy
  • g. Define the Roles and Responsibilities for both your company and 2 Dogs Technologies
  • h. Define the Change Control Process for the project
  • I. Define the Milestones and Checkpoints for the project
Define Goals (Flag Icon)

Execute the plan

  • a. Two-way communication is key
  • b. Manage change control
  • c. Incorporate engineering process and documentation into your company as required
  • d. Incorporate product management into the product cycle
  • e. Revisit initial assumptions and plans periodically so as to reconfirm the path forward
  • f. Integrate new knowledge into the plan moving forward as part of the change control process
Define Goals (Flag Icon)

The follow up

  • a. Post product release, periodically revisit the Product Management plan, Marketing Plan and Sales Targets based on new knowledge acquired
  • b. Analyse and update as required
  • c. Plan the next steps…