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Get to know the owner, Jim Fraser

Jim Fraser is an electro-mechanical designer, product manager and practical hands-on innovator who works and lives in St Thomas, Ontario, Canada.

Jim has been working with technical machines, mechanisms and devices since before he went to high school. Starting in his younger years Jim worked on and rebuilt motorcycles, cars and other machinery. Mechanical and electrical/electronic interests drove Jim to apply himself to machining, drafting and electronics in high school to be followed by an Electro-Mechanical (robotics) Diploma from Sir Sanford Fleming College.

Since graduating from college Jim has worked primarily in the nuclear industry as an electromechanical designer for 9 years and for the past 19 years in the UV treatment industry designing, developing and supporting various products. With a practical holistic approach, Jim has over 25 patents granted in the UV field, with approximately 60% of these patents commercialized. While much of Jim’s focus has been technically related, he has also worked in the business related aspects of UV treatment; partnership projects, product development strategies, product management, manufacturing strategies, regulatory and UV treatment education.

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Jim's patents

Note: Where the patent or application has been filed in multiple jurisdictions, only one document number has been provided as a reference. Patent list may not contain all patents held. The list below contains patents related to the following:

  • Flow modifiers for balanced flow in a piping system
  • Angled Lamp UV treatment systems, closed vessel
  • 2-Stage Filter system, high flow rates
  • Dielectric Barrier Discharge UV lamp treatment system (excimer)
  • UV LED treatment system design
  • Ballast Water Treatment System that combine UV lamps and filtration in one device
  • Modular UV Intensity Sensor apparatus; can be used on multiple UV system designs
  • Ultra-Low UVT (Opaque Fluid) Impinging Jet UV treatment system
  • Locking Lamp base; prevents lamps from disconnecting within quartz sleeves
  • High Powered Amalgam Lamp; Lamp and Pip-Amalgam design (thermal management)
  • SMART UV Intensity sensors that allow for system diagnosis, reference checking, etc.
  • Modular UV System for incorporation into industry standard fittings